01 Jul

The Honest Truth About Your Best Weapon & Worst Problem

  • In: Consumer Lists

Every day, thousands of advertisers and marketers wrack their brains. How do you spread your message, sell your products and change people? Simple. Give something away for free. Could this be the most powerful business idea of the century? Look at Google. Giving out free things made them obscenely rich. A free search engine, YouTube […]

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18 Jun

June 2019 Release Notes

  • In: National List Counts
New Featured!

National List Counts special release notes for June 2019 This month we want you to check our a new ListKey feature that allows you to encrypt order files with PGP keys. PGP stands for “Pretty Good Privacy” and is often used to encrypt and decrypt text, email and files to increase security. This feature could be […]

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10 Jun

What is it about digital marketing that chaps our hide?

  • In: Context Marketing
National List Services - Ad Blocker

My colleagues and I are in the marketing business, so when we are browsing the web, we understand the marketing and advertising we encounter. We know how it was created, and how it gets delivered to us on our screens and in our searches. But, at the end of the day—well all day actually—we are […]

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14 May

Marketing Tactics That Will Actually Make You Poor

  • In: Consumer Lists
Marketing Tactics

It’s so frustrating. You heard some advice that really seemed to make so much sense, so you go for it. All in, 100%. But then you grind and grind and nothing happens. You stay up late and hustle for every single response. It’s like you’re spinning your wheels, not getting anywhere. What’s the problem? Does […]

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21 Mar

A Huge Mistake That Will Kill Your Profits Immediately

  • In: Consumer Lists
Consumer Data

At first everything was great. Tens of thousands of customers accept offers and cash in on coupons. The customer analytics data pouring in is an absolute gold mine. Any company would love to have these solid, specific, fresh details: what offers people are actually responding to, when, what they’re buying, how they’re buying, what they’re […]

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17 Jan

Why Behavior Data Is The New Unfair Advantage You Need

  • In: Consumer Lists,Mobile Data & Insights
Behavioral Data

Two, 5 or maybe 10 years from now, the story of you and all the other companies in your industry will be exactly like Amazon vs. Walmart, Target, Sears, KMart, etc. There will be a couple who turned out sort of okay. There’ll be a lot of losers and one amazing success story. You can […]

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09 Jan

How to Succeed With The One Habit of Highly Effective Marketers

  • In: Consumer Lists,Mobile Data & Insights
Predictive Modeling

This one habit is everything: finding the right people. Because let’s face it, this is more important than all the sales methods, copywriting techniques and negotiating tactics in the world. The wrong person doesn’t have the money. Or they don’t care. Or may not be as easy to convince. If your marketing doesn’t get you […]

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21 Dec

Save 80% Time & Money: How to Market to the Crucial 20%

  • In: Business Lists,Consumer Lists,Email Marketing
Target Audience

Wouldn’t we all like to save 80% of our time, money and marketing effort, while getting 10 times or even 100 times the results? However, that’s just what Cara accomplished. Let’s see how she did it, and how easily you can do the same. Starting out, Cara did what most failing marketers do… she found […]

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12 Dec

Why Is It So Hard to Get a Good Marketing ROI?

  • In: Business Lists,Consumer Lists,Email Marketing,Uncategorized
Buyer Personas

Michael stood in front of the screen – palms sweaty and dreading the result – only to stare in shock at the number in the email.  Just two measly sales… after all the cash he’d poured into this one marketing effort. “How could I be so wrong? Will anyone trust me again?”  If you’ve ever felt the […]

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30 Oct

Direct Mail is Still an Essential Part of any Marketing Strategy

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It would be easy to disregard the power of printed materials in a world on the verge of complete digitization. In terms of acting like consumers, there has been an obvious shift to the speed, efficiency and ultimate accessibility to our favorite products, brands and services via the Internet. In fact, any modern marketing strategy […]

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